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Real Estate, Property and Construction

Investment in real estate is rife with the increasing population in Nigeria but projections still show an accommodation deficit. Struggles for the somewhat scarce resources have made room for opportunities for property development to accommodate the rising population. These developments come with their attendant disputes involving individuals, entities, contractors, employers, developers, consultants and other professionals engaged in the real estate industry.


LawQue Legal offers legal advice on the full range of commercial and residential property transactions, including landlord and tenant matters, drafting and review of leases or tenancy agreements, acquisitions and sales, registration of third-party interests and obtaining governmental consents, approvals for property transactions and perfection of title. We also play mediatory roles in resolving disputes arising from relationships in these sectors.


We assist in drafting and negotiating terms of building and civil engineering contracts and handle construction-related claims and disputes. We have represented estate developers and managers before arbitral tribunals. We have also represented investors in real estate transactions both before arbitral tribunals and in court.  

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