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Litigation is sometimes inevitable. However, experience has shown us that it is common for many organisations to focus primarily on their business success and not on preventing and handling their legal battles. Litigation is one of the most popular legal services offered in Nigeria.


LawQue Legal has a very strong litigation practice unit that is frequently engaged to represent clients before different tribunals and levels of courts in Nigeria. Our lawyers have successfully handled contract disputes including those relating to debt recovery, breach of infrastructure and construction contracts, production sharing contracts, financing agreements (including mortgages and oil financing agreements), labour and employment, and recovery of premises disputes.


We have also represented clients in tortious claims of defamation, negligence (including medical negligence and product liability), passing off and trademark disputes as well as trespass. We have obtained appreciable amounts of success for our clients before courts of first instance and appellate courts. No matter the legal issue, our clients are rest assured that the highly qualified and certified courtroom experts of LawQue Legal will provide all the requisite resources, guidance and representations they need.

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