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Investment and Tax

Many businesses are caught up with daily complex tax questions and the attendant uncertainties around tax statutes and regulations. These uncertainties in a number of times put tax administrators and taxpayers at cross-purposes. International companies and foreign individuals seeking to establish businesses in Nigeria are not left out in the quest to get advice on current positions of law and practice for investment purposes in Nigeria.


LawQue Legal has certified tax professionals that render extensive tax advisory services and represent corporate organisations as well as individuals before tax agencies, tax appeal tribunals and the courts. Our lawyers have advised on and drafted objections to tax assessments, filed tribunal and court processes and successfully represented several international and local oil companies at the tax appeal tribunal and the courts on matters flowing from their petroleum profits tax and companies’ income tax.


We have also advised and represented other companies and individuals on their tax liabilities including personal income tax of their employees, tertiary education tax and value added tax (VAT). We have also advised on the investment climate and applicable investment laws and regulations in Nigeria including the importation of capital and reparation of income in foreign exchange.

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